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Established in 2008, Jaffa Technologies is a reputable IT solutions firm dedicated to providing full cycle software development and outsourcing, integrated systems engineering and IT Disaster recovery services.

Our services span across business applications, system integration, payment systems, process automation, process optimization, and surveillance systems.

Our clients span a number of industries, including government, education, financial institutions, telecommunication providers, Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and enterprise

Our Services

We provide cutting edge technology expertise.


  • Our software development services encompasses the full product development life cycle from defining initial requirements through to longevity support thereby enabling a maximum return on investment. We begin with a thorough understanding and analysis of our client's requirement then we deliver work in short sprints to allow for ongoing feedback and eliminate any unwelcome surprises.

    The services we offer include:

    • Web Application Development
    • Desktop Application Development
    • Mobile/Tablet Application Development (Hybrid and Native)
    • Cloud Application Development
    • Software as a Service Development
    • IoT Solutions and Wearables
    • Social Media Integration
    • System Integration
    • Database Management
    • Business Analytics
    • Back Office Automation

  • Our software development outsourcing services allows us to integrate our teams into our client's environment. Given that every client is unique, we have no boiler-plate template that we apply across all clients rather we seek to understand the perculiarity of each client's need and develop a working relationship accordingly.

    Our Outsourcing Services supports the following models:

    • Full Cycle Product Development: The client provides us with requirements for a product and we allocate skilled personnel from our pools of resources to develop the product under the direction of the client designated Product Owner.
    • Team Augumentation: We provide remote resource(s) to compliment the client's team with the needed technology skills.
    • Hosted Employee Services: We provided dedicated resources and assign a Project Manager to work on client's projects. The client sets the work schedule of these reources.


  • Our ITDR Services focuses on helping clients achieve their IT Business Continuity Plan targets while maximizing TCO. We work with different sized organizations with varying focus in terms of RTO and RPO.Regardless of what the primary focus is (i.e recoverability or resiliency), we have a solution for you.

    JaffaTech has expertise in the following areas:

    • ITDR Planning
    • Server Virtualization
    • Server Consolidation
    • Disater Recovery
    • Storage Consolidation
    • Replication
    • DR Simulation Testing

  • We have a dedicated team of professionals with significant experience in business and technical operations to help cater for your IT needs in the areas of:

    • IT Infrastructure Planning
    • IT Strategy Planning
    • Business Process Review, Automation or Optimization
    • Data Management and Analysis
    • Project Management

How We Work Solving Problems is Our Passion

Since clients are different, we believe in a personal approach to every client and project. Our process typically starts with understanding our client's requirements and risks, we then assemble a cross-functional team to help define the path to the solution. We define the deliverables and a timeline and establish effective communication between the development team and client.

  • Agile Development Approach

    Our development process focusses on providing a tight feedback loop with our clients. By employing daily collaboration and delivering software on a regular basis (sprints), we maximize both productivity and visibility. More importantly, any deviations or misinterpretations of client's requirements are flagged early and corrected thereby reducing risk and ensuring timely software delivery. We utilize collaboration tools to track work progress, ensure effective communication and project management.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality is the mainstay of our business and the source of confidence our clients have in the solutions we provide. The development of our solutions are test-driven and undergo well formulated QA procedures that help us deliver the great experiences our clients’ expect.

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    Our clients’ ideas are their own and we take careful steps to ensure that the trust they put in us, when they choose us to bring those ideas to life, is secured. Through non-disclosure agreements, legal agreements and strict professional ethics, we take your Intellectual Property seriously and also ensure that the best security standards are adhered to in the solutions we provide.

  • Support and Maintenance

    In our ever changing world, a solution provided to tackle a particular problem might have need to evolve to also tackle a new one; We provide our clients with the support they need, not only in servicing the solutions we provide, but also in adapting those solutions to meet new business requirements.

    We empower our clients by bringing the technical expertise and problem solving capability required to keep the products and services we provide running optimally, thus, enabling them to focus more on their core business.

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